Short Love Quotes

In the present hi-tech planet, love has also gone hi-tech. It is all that and much more, but most of all it is something that makes us happy. It happens when you don’t care if it does as long as you are happy. It is something that is truly impossible to describe. It is the great YOUnifier. It is the greatest refreshment in life. An actual love can never die since they are only made for one another.

The Lost Secret of Short Love Quotes

When love isn’t madness, it’s not love. It is a feeling which is felt by one person for another. The majority of the moment, it isn’t true love but infatuation.

One should forever in love. Love is the best expression of the will to reside. It is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. It is something that keeps us going during some of the toughest battles of life. There are, in addition, some nice and cute yet brief love quotes that you may select.

If you would like to make him fall in love, you must be lovable. Love is not just something you feel, it’s something which you do. It is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. So take my suggestions and reach down deep inside yourself and allow the love you’ve got for your partner provide you with the strength you should face your problems rather than watching them ruin your marriage. Read more loves quotes on