Throughout history the family has been the foundation of civilization.  Defenseless children are protected by adults, until they become adults to bear and protect the next generation of children.  Values, ethics, and work habits are best learned in the home.

You are the product of countless generations that preceded you.  You are the link in a chain of ancestors which extends back to the beginning of mankind.  Your child will be the next link in this chain.  The next generation begins one child at a time within each family.  The greatest accomplishment any man or woman can achieve is to love, protect, and raise a child to adulthood.  All other endeavors pale in importance to our generation preparing worthy men and women for the next generation.

The family, the most important asset of any nation, is being dismantled before our eyes.  This year in America, abortionists will destroy more than one million future families—future moms and dad, future scientists, teachers, leaders, and workers.  A significant pat of our next generation will be dismembered by profit-hungry abortionists and abortion clinics, their bloody, mangled bodies thrown into plastic bags to be incinerated like useless garbage.  In the process, more than one million women—the moms of these aborted babies—will be left grieving, experiencing strong loss and guilt; many will become estranged from God and their own families, seeking emotional relief in sexual promiscuity and substance abuse.

America needs to be healed from abortion.  God gave us this formula for national healing in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “[The Lord said]…’If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’”

This site is about HOPE and the FUTURE—your future and your baby’s future.

No matter what you may be feeling…no matter how lonely you are…no matter how confused you are…no matter how frightened you are, there is a God to whom you can turn for answers and comfort.  GOD LOVES YOU!

Consider these statistics (which are outdated, because the number of abortions increases minute by minute and because abortion clinics notoriously under-report the carnage they inflict):




No. of abortions per day

Approximately 3,700

Approximately 115,000

No. of abortions per year

Approximately 1.3 million

Approximately 42 million

Few topics divide Americans as much as the legalization of abortion.  Everyone seems to be either pro-life or pro-“choice.”  Many viewpoints based on law, medicine, and philosophy have been offered, but neither side convinces the other.  THERE IS, HOWEVER, ONE VIEWPOINT THAT MUST DEFINE THIS ISSUE.  This viewpoint is the behavior God demands of us, His children.  God’s requirements—His Holy Word—are written in the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is written for you.  The Bible is a magnificent framework around which you should build all of your life’s choices, if you are an obedient, God-fearing person.  Once you understand Biblical principles of obedient living for God, you can fill in the “blanks” for any of life’s problems not specifically mentioned in the Bible.